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The hall was filled with myclassmates. I put my head down. Even still I could hear the mumblingmen."Wow." Who is that girl?" I love how girls dress ...or Halloween." Hey baby! Come in my room and party."My face had to be bright red and not from blush. Haley and I waitedfor the elevator, time seemed to stand still. Suddenly about four guysneeded to also use the elevator. When the elevator arrived Haleywaited first for the boys to get on the elevator before allowing me toget on. My heart. We should have tried to slow her down, but she kept ordering more and more drinks and soon we all lost count of her total. Now she was completely shit faced. To get her away from more drinks, we had to take her back out to the dance floor.As we started dancing, Jill was really going at it. I was amazed at how sensual she was moving, almost like a stripper as she undulated her hips and wiggled her breasts to the music. We tried to calm her down, warning that her tits might pop out of her top if. Although more snow might actually prevent that. She walked to the grave and there, as she read the tombstone, she began to cry as she talked to her Samuel. ‘I can’t believe it’s been a year. It happened so fast, and it doesn’t feel fair. Why did you have to be taken away from me? I wasn’t ready for you to go!?’ Her words were rushed and coming out in gasps as she sobbed over his grave. In fact, her sobs were so loud that she didn’t hear the car pull up, the door open and close, as the drive. Then cleared his throat and spitted a large clot of saliva on the floor.– Slave, lick it clean.Karen fell to her knees and eagerly lapped the spit. David watched the scene open-mouthed while Sally shivered horrified. Tom remarked triumphantly. – Amazing, isn’t it? Sergeant Warrel was fuming, but controlled herself. She gestured to David to untie her leash and winked him to stay tuned for a surprise attack. Three. Two. One. Action!With perfect timing, both agents sprang up to take control of the.

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