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The game went on and we were all losing pieces of our clothing. Everyone laughed when someone lost an item. We had all been to the beach together a nu...ber of times and I had seen Trina in a bikini but this was different.Joe and I were down to our t-shirts and briefs. Both women were down to their bra and panties.Joe kept staring at Diane. She had on a sheer bra and you could almost see her bush through her panties. She must have been pretty sauced or she would have never let it go this far. I. He said it was the gym every day. I realized that my wife was attracted to him, her eyes shining. I also realized that the boy's penis was hard when he saw the neck of my wife, which revealed much of her breasts. He tried vainly to disguise the volume beneath the pants.When all sat on the couches, I noticed that my wife was wearing no underwear. She sat right in front of the boy and quietly opened his knees, in a way that he could see her pussy. The boy was visibly excited, almost writhed on. They jumped and swung and tried to crawl back up into their cavity, but my friend made the boy hold his thighs apart so he could get really good snaps at the red ripe teen scrotum.??? ? After that we was much more co-operative, so we had him lick and suck our asses. I could tell this was particularly repulsive to him. He made the cutest face and wrinkled up his darling nose. One of us would hold his head and guide it, while the trembling boy would be forced to lick up and down the sweaty ass. I always feel safe, secure and loved when we get this close. I love the snow and it was just beginning to come down. It looked so pretty the little flakes flittering through the sky. The fire was crackling and was keeping it nice and warm as we munched on the popcorn. +++++++++++++ The movie was playing and it felt so wonderful to be curled up on the couch with Janie. It was a perfect afternoon, Janie, the fire was roaring, popcorn, snow and a warm soft blanket. The movie was really kind of a.

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