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She didn’t kiss me or I would have maybe gotten the idea. I didn’t make any moves so she took charge and pulled my hand to cup her still-clothed t...t. Her hips pressed against mine which still had a flaccid organ. I followed directions, many non-verbal.Gradually our clothes came off and I got the desired hard-on, still curious how far this would go. It was the pre-Internet era and I hadn’t even seen adult magazines yet. I think she recognized the challenge and it intrigued her.I’ll never forget. Even without Marie’s room number, I would have found her just by following the trail of notes from her cello through the labyrinth of impossibly dark and narrow corridors. She plays an old rock melody–Springsteen’s ‘Jungle Land’–but with her own distinctive Jazz inflection. I can almost hear my flute picking up the melody line and reeling it back to her, the way we did across the courtyard a few hours earlier.Not that it takes much to excite me in the first place, but the exotic. .." Oh, yeah..." She turned toward him, paused a moment, then closed her eyes and moved her face forward.Mike took her face in his hand and directed her lips to his.Janey had kissed boys before, and even Trissa once. Kissing someone who had some experience with it was on a completely different level! Her stepdad's lips pressed forcefully against hers, but not painfully. His tongue snaked between her lips, searching for hers. Their tongues danced and she gasped at the heat of his passion.Mike. Ellie heard the Correctional Officer say to the room but directed at her, “Prepare yourself Watson. Every stroke will be a hard one, no sympathy, no mercy. This is a punishment and the Authority’s fully intend that you experience pain and discomfort. Understood Watson?” Ellie looked at the attractive Correctional Officer, nodded, bit her lip, and said a quiet, submissive “Yes, Miss.” Ellie turned away as the Correctional Officer raised the cane. She heard a whoosh, the thwack and then.

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