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She hopped onto her bike and pedaled down the street. There would be no babysitting until that night, so she searched the neighborhood for a dog to pl...y with.She raped the first mongrel she could find. Luckily, she found him in an alley and she was able to coax him down some steps into a secluded doorway. There, she lowered her cut-offs and let the animal smell her hot cunt. He licked her pussy."Good boy," Cindy breathed, and she sat down with her pretty legs spread open.The dog ducked his head. She's so deep, and I can't help but clench around her. Mysphincter feels as though it'll chop them off; but thanks to the lube shemanages to pump and probe past it.Each movement stretches me open a little more."I was hoping to use one of these on both of us tonight," she whispers,and I open my eyes. She's holding the vibrator I was supposed to buy her.I should have known she already had one. Her sex drive is so high she'dexplode without one."But as you forgot my birthday present, one of us is. So the guys were there very happy, enjoying beers and a nice barbecue.Two guys were black and the other ones were Latino type…As they all were sunning outside, I looked at them from the kitchen; getting my pussy wet as I admired the sweat covering their hard toned bodies, especially the black ones.I noticed one of them, Randy, was behind me every time he could, as if he was checking out my nice round ass, or stand just in front of me as I bent over; so he could see down the front of my top and. " Huh? That sounded familiar but I couldn't place it. It didn't matter, it seems it was what the person wanted to be called. "I have many many more - are you ready?"It didn't take me long to answer, "Yes." What else could I do. If I was to find out who this was that invaded our private lives, I had to play this persons game.Soon another picture came. If the first picture that was sent to me startled me from my middle-aged bliss, this picture crushed any illusions I may have about my life,.

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