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Phir maine uss se puchha ki tum muze kab chodo gi tab usne kaha mai tumhe kal bhi chod sakti hu bas tum apna sperm(virya) nikalna band kar ke dikhao.A...r usne kaha ki jab tum sperm nikalna band karoge to tumhara land mera sex toy ho jayega aur phir mai tumhe chodne dungi jo maine aaj tak kisi bhi marij ko nhi diya.Tabhi maine kaha muze pyas lagi hai toh woh glass leke aayi aur mere samne saree upar kar ke glass me mutne lagi maine kaha yeh kya kar rahi ho to usne kaha ise pani samaz ke piyo. That was until I felt the pain from my hard on pressing against my jeans, after I adjusted my hard on I returned to my spectacular view, but I didn’t want to get caught so I closed my eyes just enough. Then all of a sudden her legs snapped shut, and saw my Granny looking at me, and then she asked if I was awake. I didn’t respond and she came over and gave me a shake, she told me to go upstairs and lay down in the guest room. On the way I took a stop in her bathroom, standing in front of the. All he could do was moan and repeat “Oh God,” over and over as I slowly withdrew then slid back inside him, each time pulling him towards me. I could tell I was the first up there because he was so tight. I had now forgotten I was fucking a guy; I was just fucking another arse and quickly gained a rhythm, speeding up, then slowing down as he moaned and groaned before me. He'd begun by holding the sink with both hands but moved one hand to his cock so he could wank himself, but I had him let go. She was sleeping in her room on bed, on her shirt shelwar, facing her ass on the roof , and she called me, I was shocked knowing tat what’s the matter I went inside, I told, ji ammi kya huwa kyu bolaya, “why u called me mom”, she told as working and working at home, she is suffering from pain in her back bone, and requested me to apply balm on her back bone, I was just happy, thinking I m getting to chance to touch her body. She slowly moved her shirt little up, I sat beside her and started.

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