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"Bill could hear Johnson yelling into the phone as Ed held it away from his ear."That's all well and good Mr. Johnson, but I have sworn statements fro... half a dozen of your employees that indicate that it was Mr. Harrison that started the fight and that my client was just protecting himself. By the way, Mr. Young indicated to me that there are security cameras throughout the building. I'm going to need a copy of the surveillance tape."Ed listened for a short time and then responded. "You say. " She smiled. "Whatever you want."I nodded, gave her the quartermaster's requisition, and we began loading the wagon with two-hundred pound barrels of well-milled white flour. By sunset we were done and the lady of the house offered us a meal which we enjoyed along with a bottle of home-made wine of some sort, blackberry maybe. Then George and the girl, whose name I have completely forgotten, scurried off to the loft, all but panting to be at each other.The woman, whose name was Portia, smiled. Maybe because she had now formally introduced herself, he no longer felt shocked. He was still a little confused. ‘I’m sorry, I wasn’t expecting Ann to have someone over tonight,’ he said. ‘That’s quite alright. Actually, I don’t think Ann knew I was coming over either, but I was in the neighborhood and I just decided I would stop by,’ said Sylvia. ‘Momma!’ Ann squealed, and began to nuzzle her shoulder. Josh looked at his sister and furrowed his brow. Something was very weird here. Sylvia. " Geez, he's rock-hard and it's dangling between his legs." What? What?" His rock-hard cock is ready for you."Ron was overly excited and he realized his aunt was as well. Kelly's hand was moving so fast it was hard to tell what she was doing, but it was evident she was thoroughly aroused. Her eyes were glazed and she was gasping desperately, as her fingers performed magic on her tender clitty. Ron gave the bare cheeks of Deb's ass a few spanks and then he crawled up tight to her behind.Debbie.

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