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It's the moment you've been waiting for. You just finished getting ready, putting on your colorful dress by your favourite designer Kenneth Cole, your...summer heels. And now while you're walking towards the door, you feel a tingling sensation grow in your lower part of your tummy. You open the door and seeing me standing outside, dressed formal in a dark, tailored Hugo Boss suit, the jacket in my hands due to the still war, temperature, a tailored blue shirt and black leather shoes.I look at. The guys have been friends for the past 15 years or so and have become so close, they look at each other as brothers almost. Pete is an ex military guy! Having spent a couple deployments over in the Middle East, he had the build and the attitude a service man of his caliber is known for having. He was 6’3”, very light skinned, very muscular with hair covering every single inch of his god like frame. He dawn a spartan beard, as well as their warrior, men are men, never a bitch, spirit. In short!. "Sir, do you know this woman?" he asked."Yes, well no, but I have seen her. Please come up to the house; there are few of us you need to talk to," I said and opened the gate. When I got to the house I invited him into the living room, and called for everyone else to join us."Ladies this officer is here looking for a missing girl, this is her picture," I said holding it out."Oh my god that's the girl that was with Melissa and Jack," Pat said."Who are Melissa and Jack?" the cop asked.We went into. He slowly moved towards his warm breath making me squirm. His tongue licked me sensitive end as he drew back my foreskin. He licked my cock down to my balls and back again. He did this several times until I was quivering in anticipation. Pete them slowly eased my cock into his mouth until I was fully in. Using his hands and mouth he proceeded to give me a mind blowing blow job=b that took me to the edge and back time and again. After what felt like an eternity I could hold on no longer and I.

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