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Jennifer shook her head yes with a broken look in her eyes. I felt bad for her but her pussy was so tight as I slid in to her all the way to my balls....Kara kept the pace as I pulled out I saw the blood on my dick. The sight turned me on more than I thought possible. My dick was painfully swollen as I started to pick up the pace. Jennifer started to moan and grind against me as I started to drive into her faster and harder. Kara walked around and leaned in and kissed her hard and pulled. I refused, saying I wouldn't willingly submit to anyone. And Bobby Joe just laughed and said to let him know when I'd changed my mind, while Maurice uncuffed me and let me collapse on my bed.Two nights after that, I woke as the door to my cell opened. A hulking blond guy loomed in the doorway for a second and then came barreling into the room, as the door clanged shut. I rose off my bed, groggily stumbling into him as he reached me. I threw a punch that went wild, while he connected with my. A mischievous little smirk before taking him in her mouth again. “How is she dude?” Aaron asks his cousin. “So fucking good, dude!” J.J. assures his cousin as the hippie’s head continues its rhythmic bobbing on his dick. “Let me taste your love now, Aaron!” Kerri now exclaims eagerly, sliding herself over to the younger stud. She takes his love worm in her mouth and starts working her way slowly down the shaft, gazing steadily into his eyes as she savors every swollen inch of his dick with her. She worked it up and down slowly while rubbing her ass back into me. It was almost like she was trying to press my cock into her. We continued like that until I felt her clamp down around my hand and begin to shake. I knew she was cumming and her tempo increased while stroking my cock. I felt the pressure build and the sudden release of ecstasy as I came in her hand. She released her grip, turned around, and softly kissed me on the lips and said, "Thank You." She smiled and walked away. I could.

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