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He’s technically still mortal, not to mention human, but he’s also been altered sufficiently to be kind of transhuman in a way. He can still die, ...f course, and that would be the end unless you revived him. Which you could, but then he’d be your devoted plaything as well. See the pattern, my love?” Marcy teased me a little as she clarified things, not really insulting me at all.“Let’s wait for him until he actually dies. Then he’ll get his genitals back, but he’ll lose what’s left of his. We greet with a firm hug hello and then went inside to the kitchen. Her mom and dad where there finishing there coffee as I greeted and shortly afterwards they left for work, leaving Caitlyn and myself alone in the house once again. Caitlyn first made us coffee and breakfast. After eating and while tidying the kitchen I noticed while Caitlyn was walking around that her yoga pants had created a sexy cameltoe. As I starred at it I told Caitlyn that she has cameltoe and slightly embarrassed by it. To start talking about it, let’s talk about why this place is so important to the story. Steelport was a proud town back in time where steel industry needed a place to facilitate the exporting of their products around the world. For many decades, it was one of the most important places where steel could be shipped and a town grew up due to progress and the wealth around. But things go up and down and then the steel companies that once flourished left for other cities and greener pastures.. ” Tyrone slide over close to me and reached down to my skirt. I gasped. His hand played with my knee and slowly eased my skirt higher. I wanted to look, but I had to keep my eye on the street. His hand reached my lacy top of my hose. “Oh! Tyrone,” I moaned. I managed to get him home without letting it get out of hand. Actually, I told myself that I didn’t let it get out of hand. I was deceiving myself. After he got out, I drove around the block. I had to stop and put my head on the steering.

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