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. Damn, that thought scared the hell out of me - and I now I wonder if I’ve covered my ass well enough to keep my name out of the investigation - if...there is an investigation.I heard Mona on the steps outside and opened the door for her. “Mona - Jason Skelley is dead! Looks like a possible drug overdose to me. I came here with Judge Skelley to see about him, and I’ll have to tell you the real story later, after you have done your job here.”“Josey - are you sure he’s dead?”“Judge Skelley felt. This was a well deserved vacation for her. Anyway she overheard the threesome offer and wanted to join in. Okay.Charlene was curious about what had happened in the bar so Leslie filled her in on the whole story. I even showed her the pictures that I had taken in the men’s room with her peeing in that filthy trough, sucking those two cocks, and posing near the toilets, sink, and in front of the bar as we left. Charlene was upset that she hadn’t gone with us. Living with a prude like Mrs. Busy. There was silence, stillness as they both savoured the seconds after the hit.Then for a moment Andy panicked, standing half exposed in his classroom, even though he was out of site, and there was no one else around. Jessica laid before him, now subdued by those unexpected events. She was so beautiful, slim, subtle and pale and he had been trusted with her as if his own child. She was below him, her bonds making her wrists and angles sore. He swore.It was now dark outside and the room felt. The catering staff had laid out the buffet and then left them to it. This allowed for Alex to get changed into a wedding dress that matched his bride's Sal was sitting next to Chris who was the only one not looking randy. The bridal couple were having difficulty keeping there hands off each other and Ella and Mark weren't much better.“Chris I don;t know about you but possibly we should leave them to it either that or join in.”“If by join in you mean what I think you do that is the option that.

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