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” Then he took a picture of my head buried in his lap and sent it. I continued to suck and listen as he said, “You’re welcome to join us... yes,...really. Well, you know where I am,” and he ended the call.“This could be a fun day,” he said, pushing my head back down on his cock. “If anyone comes over, you will do as I say, right?”“Yes, sir,“ I mumbled and went on sucking till he told me to stop because he didn't want to cum yet. He put me over the end of the couch, lubed my ass, and fucked it. I was excited and nervous at the prospect of being treated like the boys’ slut, their whore, their private hoe. It turned me on to no end. I felt empowered and strong and I couldn’t wait! Saturday could not come soon enough!Later that day, my husband told me that the boys couldn’t hang out this coming weekend. Hmm, I wonder why. My husband asked me if I wanted to do date night on Saturday.“Actually, I was thinking of hanging with my girls. It’s been a while and I wanted to see them.” I lied. Aunt Grace again had the housemother responsibility for the month of July. She made it quite clear to me from day one that a new policy of respect was in place. I found out later my mother and the rest of my aunts had come to this decision mutually.First, I was no longer to sleep on the couch in the living room. I was to move into the teen-age bedroom upstairs in the house. This meant I was sleeping in the same room as Connie, Tina and Eloise my older cousins. Second, they were in complete. He said "I love your ass girl. First you get my tongue then my cock. My cock is hard and begging for that tight ass." He licked me then I felt his tongue push inside my ass. It felt so good and Fred was now sucking my nipples deep into his mouth as his dad tongued my ass. Then I felt the tongue go out and the cock start to go in. I loved when the head pushed into my ass. I felt every inch go up in me then when he was buried he began to fuck me easy then hard and rough. I love getting my ass.

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