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Lets go upstairs. My show is coming on and I want to watch it while you take care of me.” He went upstairs and she followed crawling up the stairs. ...When they got to the bedroom she went and sat at the floor at the foot of the bed. He undressed and laid face down on the bed, placing his hips upon a few pillows to allow her access. He called her over, turning on his show. He placed his hands on either side of his ass, and told her to get busy. She knew what he wanted, and just thinking about. In the Lauraverse my hair has to be long, a lot longer than I kept it before she came into my life, so with years of growth and minimal trimming my hair when brushed out hung down my back to end below my shoulder blades. That it annoyed the heck out of me when in the workshop was apparently irrelevant, all my complaints got me was a lesson in loose plaiting and a collection of scrunchies.Now as much as long hair wasn’t my preference, having Laura take her time brushing it out was ultra high on. "She relayed the message as I turned and walked toward the door."Wait! He didn't realize he had an appointment cancel. He can see you now."I almost laughed. He didn't know how important to me it was to protect the kids.Could I do a sufficient acting job to fool him? Hell, I had convinced Russian black marketeers that I was a terrorist desperate for some enriched uranium and I hid from Betty my knowledge of her treachery for all those yearsHe nodded toward a chair and I sat. Neither of us. I don’t think I’m doing this well, but I’m not sure there’s really a good way to do it.“I got that part, more or less, but still—” Abruptly his face darkens. “What is it, girl? Undocumented worker? Illegal alien?”“Not exactly—” I begin, but Danny cuts me off; he’s always been quick on the trigger.“What’s ‘exactly?’” he demands. “He is or he isn’t. Which? Was he born here or someplace else?” He turns to Hugo. “Where were you born, man?”“In house,” Hugo responds before I can motion him to be.

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