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Letters, love letters really, forbidden fantasies detailing longings to help cope with lonely nights. They talked regularly, about everything. They we...e both from broken families, keeping in touch only when absolutely necessary. They both felt too old for kids, even though neither were more than 35 years of age. They spoke often of books each had enjoyed or not enjoyed, sharing authors, poems and even the occasional online story favourite.She was waiting, and remembering; remembering the first. I met withher once a week at various spots up and down the beach, and applying the sameseriousness and diligence to her diving that she did to her business affairs,quickly caught on, becoming comfortable in the water after just three or fourlessons. After a few months I had taught her pretty much every thing I could,but we kept on diving most every Sunday anyway, just enjoying ourselves.Late one Saturday I got a call from Frieda. She told me that a sailboat,insured by her agency, had caught. She pulls my shirt off, and I return the favor by helping the skirt around her waste turn into a pile of crumpled clothing lying on the floor. Again, I feel her jamming her mouth to mine and I can taste her once again. Her lips are sweet like honey, and I get lost each time I breathe her in. My hands wander down her spine, lightly tickling her back as they make their way down to the thin line of her g-string. I work my thumb in between her skin and the lace. Gently running over her hipbone,. I called after him, "We won't need another pick up until the 7th or 8th." Will do," he called back.We ended up making three trips in the golf carts to get our cargo to the house.Turns out that, in addition to the fireworks, there was a box full of steaks, hamburgers and hotdogs. They were packed in dry ice and express shipped from Omaha. We couldn't fit it all in our freezer. There was enough dry ice left that I supposed that it would keep it all frozen until the 4th.In another box were a grill.

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