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His hand went between her legs and found her sweet spot wet and waiting for him eagerly. Lucian's fingers rubbed hard then soft, fast then slow.. Her ...ands gripped the bed. She arched her back, and moaned. She thought she was going to lose her mind. She never felt this before. Her knuckles turned white from holding on so tight... "Thats it pet... Thats it.. Does that feel good?” “Yes Sir” she whispered almost breathlessly. “Do you want me to make it feel better?”“Yes Sir” she moaned“Ask my. We used the wall along the way as he pushed me against it to kiss me and press his body hard against mine. My cotton shorts were soaked; I never wore panties at home and this was one time I was glad I didn't. I could feel his bulge press against my pelvis when he pushed me against the wall and pulled my shirt over my head. My tits were exposed for the first time to him as he marveled, and then leaned down to take them into his mouth. I moaned as he softly licked them and caressed them with his. "I need to pee," He told his bedmate when he felt her reach for his morning erection.Lesa started laughing. "The honeymoon must be over. That's not a very romantic 'good morning' theme. 'I need to pee' puts the brakes on a morning blowjob."Jake was already out of the bed. "I'm sorry. Good morning lover!" He leaned down and gave Lesa a nice 'good morning' kiss. "May I have you for breakfast when I get back from the bathroom?" And the romantic images just keep rolling." Lesa was clearly in a. The conversation was getting more involved and we started to dare each other before long they dared my wife to sock on Kim’s hubby’s cock I did not no if she would as she did not want to but every one was pushing her as he got up and walked over to her she reached out and started to sock on his cock he was getting harder it was hot to see my wife she soon stopped and it was for john to lick Kim’s pussy he jumped right to as time went by every one had done something to some one before long John.

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