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We smoked our cigs and she asked if she could have another, as I hesitated she said she would earn it, I asked what did she mean and she said "You kno... EARN IT", she came over to me and started kissing me rubbing my thigh in the process, I stood up and moved her over to a flat grave and we sat there kissing, then she said "I'm a virgin" so I stopped and said "Ok" she continued to tell me she'd had a fumble with boys her own age but she needed a real man who knew what he was doing.I said "Ok",. It wasn't a bikini like Sam's but a hugging black leather one-piece that expressed her curves nicely. The top dipped very low between her ample breast while the sides cut high, almost going up to her waist.Sam was the first to sit on a recliner while Meadow promptly sat on the one beside her and said, "Wow, Sam, that bikini looks so good on you." You really think so?" Sam said with a big smile."Oh yes. Just great. And sexy. I mean, your body really pulls it off. It must drive your husband nuts. So, I discarded the condom back into the open drawer and leaned over her. I used my arms to hold me up, and my lips sought out hers. Our tongues met and I felt her run her soft pink mouth-muscle run along my teeth. It's always a wonderful and pleasurable sensation when someone else's tongue is running over the smooth enamel of your teeth, stimulating your gums and the inside of your lips at the same time.I felt my cock throb eagerly, and when I lowered myself a bit more, the purplish head of my. I almost (ALMOST) felt bad for being able to read her so easily but cum on.... you can't pass up busting a nut in a new mouth!!So we get to the hotel and we head up a back stairwell that should be locked but Soldiers will be Soldiers and SURPRISE!! It was unlocked lol. We sneak through the door into my room and as soon as she closes the door she turns around and gives me a quick peck on the lips as if kissing for the first time. I just came right out and said, "I want to see how good you can.

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