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‘Oh Steven, my Master, my Captain, my LOVE!’ The thought fueled her legs. She raced down the beach, her tattered shirt giving way it’s last few ...hreads and falling off her shoulders, the wind too much a match for the frayed thread holding it on. She thought back to the house she lived in, not a year before, while she tended to her Captain. This terrible tragedy was just one in a series of horrible things that always seemed to follow her. Her mother was a religious woman, more married to. I wondered if she took it to college with her. I’d have a sore back in no time if all my classes had this size book and I carried them in a backpack.The guy I’d walked to class with snapped his fingers in front of my face.“Huh?”“We’re supposed to be lab partners,” he said. “Are you always so out of it?”“Uh, no. I’m just having a little difficulty adjusting to being back in school. I’m usually pretty attentive. Who are you?”“See, that’s what I mean. I just introduced myself and you didn’t hear. She would think back to these proposals and decided to give it a try. Mary logged on one Friday night. It was 11:45pm by the clock on her computer. No sooner did she get on, a man IM’ed her asking her age, sex, and location. Mary typed in her name, age 38, and Arizona. Mary added that she was also a mother. She was sure this man would have none of that and ignore her. To her surprise, he responded back. They talked for the better part of an hour discussing fantasies, and typing in suggestive. My suspicions of course were so strong that I would havebet anything I was being cuckold by my beautiful wifeconstantly, and I even wondered back to those stories I hadheard in high school, about that first time we made love,our hurried up marriage, and then about our oldest son,having been born much less that nine months after the firsttime we’d made love in my car.I could not help but wonder if Donna might have alreadybeen pregnant when I made love to her that night. I nevermentioned a.

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