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I didn't know what to do, how to go forward. I wanted to, FUCK how I wanted to.'Fuck my inexperience!' I thought; I wish I had known more been more ag...ressive. Been more sure. Been more for her. My god, I wanted her, but I don't think I responded passionately enough. God, I hope I didn't make her feel rejected. We came within a single word of making love that night. It ended up being her word to say - and she said no. And then she broke down in tears for the second time I had ever seen since. He came into my room and kind of ducked under the doorway. “Get out”, I said. He was mad and said, “Fuck you, you’re not smoking that shit with me around.” He looked down and saw my drawer and the rest of the stuff. He picked it up and went to the bathroom. I heard the toilet flush. I started to cry. “Please Mark let me have this, it’s all I have” With that he reached for me and swung me onto his lap as he sat on the bed. I struggled but couldn’t break lose. He said, “So you want to cry.” And. This lady was too reluctant to, with lack of enthusiasm, finally though. My first move would be to part her ass cheeks. Considering her asshole already widened, I proceeded to drive my torpedo into her tank. A painful sensation at first, but slowly gave in, to end up in a vortex of pleasure. She got on her four on the bed, while I began a continuous slide in and out off her ass, a bouncing bubble butt. This mature fucked like if she was riding a brand new fucking machine for the first. 'No, Mem Sahib. Not at all. How can I think of something so stupid? Mem Sahib, he sleeps nude like you all. I feel shy so I don't. And he sleeps soundly. Very soundly. You can come and see it and he won't even know.' Lakshmi said with a smile.'I.... I don't think I would like to.' Anita was confused.'Don't be afraid. Mem Sahib. Just for fun. Please. It will take just fifteen minutes. I will call you when I am sure he is asleep. As it is Sahib has gone out of town, so there shouldn't be any.

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