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Your tongue working my shaft like a lollipop, the skill with which your mouth works brings me to climax within minutes. A sudden wave of overwhelming ...leasure comes over me, and I release my load into your mouth, with a sigh of relief I collapse back into the chair next to my bed.My first release completed, I lift you back onto the bed, with head on my pillow, your arms still locked into the headboard, beads of sweat starting to form on your forehead your body completely naked and ready to. ....."Roni dropped to her knees and began caressing Jan's inner thighs while asking softly, "Do you have a boy friend, Jan?" She nodded her head vigorously that she did while Roni went on, "Does he take care of your needs, I mean does he keep your clitoris satisfied?" This time she shook her head from side to side and replied in a strained voice, "No, he doesn't, but I don't think anyone could!" "Are you aroused often?" Roni asked as her fingers closed in on Jan's gaping box. "A-all the time,". " As he handed me his second controller he squinted and said, "like a bet?" I smirked "Sure, if I win I to take me out a ride with your bike," "And if I win you do whatever I decide WHEN I win." I shook his hand, "Deal, get ready to have your arsed kicked!" The match started and it was intense. I got sweaty, probably as sweaty as if I was having sex. It was a close match, I was a few kills behind him. The score became neck and neck and this last shot would determine all. But I got. She hungered for his cock, even just to put it in her mouth, hell even just to SEE it again! But her mom WAS just out back, and this definitely was NOT her boyfriend of four years. Keenum pulled out his humongous penis. She could feel the temperature in her pussy go up a few degrees.“No problem.” He replied, “I thought we’d just fool around a little, just for a minute. You look incredible, Her.” She was sitting straight up on the edge of the bed, and this man’s huge cock was just inches from.

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