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They start walking when a police car pulls up beside them and the officer asks them why they are here. Moni explains to them what happened. There is a...curfew for foreigners after 11:00 , you will need to come with us. Thinking nothing of it they get into the vehicle not knowing where they are in the dark, they stop at the police station where they are escorted in and to the jail cells. Hey you cant lock us up we are Canadian tourists Carol says in a panic. The officer closes the door on them. My father worked second shift came home and went to bed about midnight. I use to lay in bed waiting for him to go to sleep. Once he did I would get up get my cloths that I had hidden, get dressed real sexy and sneak out the back door. I’d wear my high heels, silk stocking, a nice wig that I saved up for, and I had this real tight dress I would wear. It was so tight I could bearley walk in it. I could only take little steps. Each night I went out I walked a little further, till one night I. With joy and abandon, she reveled in the occasional man frosting that coated her face and tits.Daddy helped her sit up and he sucked on her earlobe again as he bound her wrists behind her. He asked one more time, 'Does my baby doll want to fuck all my guests tonight?'She looked at him with some trepidation and fear after sucking on just about all 13 cocks, but deep down she couldn't say no. 'Yes, Daddy.''Gentlemen, my little sex kitten wants all of you to fuck her as tonight's Party Favor. I. Her other hand soon found my nuts hanging below and she started tickling and fondling them with gentle care.My cock is not overly large in length, but is a mighty fine girth and I had never experienced a blow job of this magnitude before. It was as if her mouth and hands were made for my cock. The way she effortlessly glided up and down in perfect synchronization brought me to the edge quickly.As I struggled to hold back, I warned her I was ready. To my surprise, she only increased her tempo..

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