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This English man was licking her in the most private, most controversial of places, and she wasn't sure she should like it, but she obviously did.With...this approval established, I turned her over and onto her knees so I could lick her in my preferred position. She accepted her role gladly now, enjoying the thrill of my tongue in her arse and the feeling of being worshipped in a divine, if debauched, way.May enjoyed her first anilingual orgasm with a long, happy wail, and her body went loose as. Lenny told Ian to take the bag and the camera downstairs, to clear the kitchen table and to set the camera up to cover the whole of the big old table top from the sink end the cctv would get all the rest. He kissed May and once more as he fitted the cuffs. To these he placed ropes then followed her down to the now ready room. From the bag he rummaged and found a very wide studded collar, this he slipped around her throat tightening it till it just fitted her, restricting her breathing just a. She lit it, took a hit, and passed it across to Mavis.About halfway through the movie there was a knock at the front door. It was Mike and Lana Jordan, of course. Lou rose from his seat to let them in, but he didn't shut off the projector."So glad you could come, so glad you could come," he said happily as he ushered the youthful couple in. "We're just watching the tail end of an old film; only about ten minutes to go. Won't you kids come in and have a seat and watch it with us? You've met. I’m still horny. And he’ll be gone for a while, I suspect.”“Are you kidding me?”“No. Look, we can’t get any more arrested, and we’ll hear the elevator moving. It’s old and creaky; remember how it sounded going up?”“Ye-ess…”“So it’s not like he’s going to surprise us.”“That’s what we thought up in the conference room, too.”chuckle “Well, true, but now we know to keep a lookout.”“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m game if you are.”“OK, I’m going to back up to you and fish you out of your.

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