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My thighs too Rob.” My fingers edged their way under her tight bikini bottom and my head was literally swimming as the sexual tension was making me ...izzy. I moved down to her legs as she had instructed me to do the inside of her thighs. My fingers came within an inch of her love triangle and I was tempted to move closer and brush the bikini fabric, but I was too nervous that she would get mad. After I finished doing the suntan lotion my erection was so huge I needed to retreat into the house. .anything but she just had that water blue stare and looked like she was concentrating but peaceful..what was she thinking about I wonder? I wanted to know for sure so I lifted my hair up so she can get to my neck and parted my legs a little so she can get a glimpse of what she wanted to see in the mirror, to my satisfaction, she did gasp a little and stare a little and then she carried on rubbing the cream on the whole of my back. my arms, swiftly around my breasts and then lingered around my. He came back and handed me one while taking two for himself. “I see you're planning on getting drunk first!” I laughed. “Hey, I'm not wasting any time on this. I just wanna get plastered,” he replied. We then began to down them while making small talk. After a few beers we began to feel the effects and then Pieter had an idea. He went into the kitchen and came back with a bottle of Smirnoff. “This will definitely get me wasted quick!” he slurred. “Can't argue with that. I'm in the mood to. ‘Of course I forgive you. How could I not?’ ‘I don’t know but I’m sure glad you do,’ he tilts her face to his, bent his head and kisses her. When the kiss broke, he smiles his crooked smile at her. ‘Merry Christmas, Gen.’ ‘Merry Christmas, Mark,’ She smiles back at him. Grinning, he says, ‘I have one more thing to ask you.’ Fumbling in his pocket, he pulls out a small black box. Opening it, he holds it out to her, ‘Will you marry me?’ Tears flow again as she whispers, ‘Yes.’ ‘What was that? I.

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Rock Hard Cock

Rock Hard Cock

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