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Especially this park. in a small town, it is a well known hook up spot for sexual activities. known by young and old, men and women, and the local and...state and park police too. even today, a bitingly cold wind blowing off the river didn’t stop people from parking in the bright sunlight. i pulled the elastic rim of my sweats, sliding my pants to my knees, i shivered in spite of the well heated car blowing hot air into my old aching balls. he dropped his head to my cock, i was shriveled, i don’t. The gangbang happening in the break room of the Institute’s shipping department faded from him. The God wanted his girlfriend to become like him. To receive a Halo. The Institute had created twelve of the devices. Henry had received the sixth one, the Sagittarius ring, to give him the powers to change the world. To share his enlightened teaching with the resistant masses.And he wanted his girlfriend to join him.Ulrich backed away from the fucking. The young men who worked in the shipping. I tie your breasts very tightly, sotight that they turn purple and tie off the rope from your armbinder to them. Ithen tie your legs next, all of your toes, ankles, knees, and hips. And forceyou into a ball. Your eyes widen in shock as you see me pull out a suitcase,and stuff you inside it...I slowly close the lid, and start closing the zipper.The last thing I see is your face, which has an expression of fear, as you knowyou cant stop me from abusing amd using your helpless body. Carrying my. "I am playing the role of a filthy fucking whore. A white cunt you and your friend can fill with come. I want to be filthy." Jabbing your fingers deeper in your hole. "I want to be absolutely fucking nasty, dirty and disgusting. Sucking some unwashed, stinky, strange black dick suits me just fine. I don't want to be treated like a good girl." Jab, jab. "How long do you think he'll be?" He stay just a couple of blocks from here. Girl, get over here." I unzip my jeans. Suddenly my shaft springs.

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