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” Zane yelled across the lab. “Oh, for Pete's sake… so pushy as always. If you two want to have a pokemon battle at least go out into the garden.... I don't want you messing up my lab equipment.” Chided Oak as he slid open the backdoor and ushered the two young teens and their pokemon outside. April had never actually been out the back of Oak’s lab before. ‘Garden’ was a mild way to put it. It was like a pokemon paradise. There was a waterfall and pond with a whole family of Polywag and Polywhirl. He breathes but is not alive. His eyes are dead. It is not a doll the boy holds in his arms.Logan snapped out of the memory and rose from hiding, driven by a need to do something for the poor bastard. He held his hands up in a gesture of peace. “I’m not going to hurt you.”The man’s eyes bugged out with terror. He fell hard, then scrambled to his feet and ran as if every demon in Hell was howling at his heels. Logan just watched him flee in panic, knowing there was nothing he could do or say. ”“Laura, you take all the fun out of the surprises doing it your way!” I said with an exasperated frown. “I know, I know.” Holding up my hands to fend off her planned response. “I wasn’t thinking the emotional aspects through. You’re right of course, but damnit where’s the fun in that?”“You’re still not thinking this through, Paul,” she said. Giving me a big grin, she waited.Finally, I gave in, asking the question I knew she was waiting for. “What am I missing, here?”“Paul, if you wait until. While sucking his cock, Shravya’s lips and mine touched sometimes, and we kissed too.At times, Aarav pulled our hairs and made us face his head and spit on our faces and in our mouths, and then made us suck his dick. It was so hot. Now comes the craziest position I was waiting for for a long time!Shravya goes under me. I sleep on Shravya. Aarav gets on top of me. He pushes his dick into my ass. Shravya pushes hers into my pussy! And they start banging me so hard in double penetration. They rub.

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