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Keith had the irrational feeling that thedoll was biding its time before making its move.But the thing which impacted the most was that Keith thought ...he iddidn?t fit properly in the skin . Or more properly, the body, which wasconstantly tripping and bumping things because nothing was as close oras far as it should have been. Not to mention just the feeling ofthings ? although the perfect eyesight was a very welcome change.So, it took a long while to get to sleep, and invariably a. $200 for an hour service. The place was in Manhattan somewhere. I had $100 saved and got the rest from various relatives. The day after I called I went to the location and called again to figure out where I needed to really go. After walking a few blocks I found the place. Had to call again to figure out what bell I had to ring to be let into the building. When I got to the apartment that I was supposed to be at I knocked on the door and an old asian lady answered. I thought I had the wrong. Harris handed him the last Egg McMuffin. Tommy shambled down the hallway with it back to the bedroom. Harris sat back down.“That was my last trick if you can even call it that. It’s not like I planned it. Your goddamned controls won’t allow me to actively plot anything. My only hope was something passive. The thing with the servants wasn’t a plot. I just recognized the possibility that it might work out for me if things fell out just right. It was too much of a long shot to even get my hopes. There was silence for a few minutes, and no response. My heart was beating, and I was nervous... not unlike when I share anonymously online, but I was anxious to see what he said. I sent another message that said "OMG I didn't mean to send that picture! Please delete it before Tammy kills me!". Doug responded with "LOL I was zooming in on the pic and realized it was Tammy. Don't worry, I won't say anything ". I replied "she has no idea I have taken pics of her like that, so thank you for.

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