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I need to sleep. Maybe I can exhaust myself. My thoughts turn to the new object in my bedside drawers. It only arrived last week and it's made quite a... impression. And there was that video I watched only last night, with that rigging. It loked so hot. No time like the present, huh?Out it comes, trailed by a long cable. I study it for a moment, churning over what I'm about to do. It's white bodywork hid power I hadn't known before, the bulbous business end looked so innocuous. Out from the. “Good god that was incredible.” he said and began to reach for his boxers. I interrupted him.“May I take a photo of you cock Phillippe?” I asked.“Soft?” He quizzed.“Yes I adore it when it is still full post orgasm but not erect.”“Ok but just my cock” he insisted. “Never my face."I took a few snaps including holding it. I was in love with his monster. I let it slap back against his thigh and grabbed it again and sucked the head running my tongue under his hood. He dressed and tidied himself. ”Ken FollettAs the year of 1940 was drawing to a close, the core leadership of the enemy was defined to be Germany, Italy and Japan.Later in this Book Three, we will discuss the other countries that joined the axis and the reasons why they elected to throw in on the side of Hitler in his egotistical pursuit of total world domination. The Fuhrer saw his role as the “leader” of the all-powerful Third Reich and he considered his partners as necessary tools to be tolerated as a means to an end.. He taps against her foot, and it raises for him. Expert movements tie ankle to wrist, wristto table leg. Thoroughly exposed, expectant of more, she languishes in her sorrowbehind fake-bored eyes. She hopes this will impress him.??????????? He enjoys herdiscomfort, the strain in her back as small shoulders take the weight of herbody and the tension of the tie. Despite his exertions, his hands are dry as hepicks up the plug. Gripping it as its thickest point, fingers don?t meet. Noteven barely..

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