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Tarun’s place was also in the same area. He told he will drop me and he will also go to his home and will pick me in the morning. His parents also s...ated back in the marriage as my mom insisted them. So me and tarun left. He sat in his car and started. I initiated the talk. Me: how far is the place from here.Tarun: it is 30 min drive.Me: k k. What you are studying.Tarun: MBA in marketing..Like that our conversation went on. In between he used to stare my boobs. I noticed that. Once I caught. I let my tongue and lips follow her pathway to heaven. Finally, there I was, only inches away from this entrance to paradise. I could see moisture glistening in the sun along her slit.I slowly slid my tongue along her opening, tasting her nectar. She let out a gasp as my tongue slipped along her clit.I let my tongue taunt and tease, open and please. I then took my finger and slowly let it enter her.Sara gave out a loud moan as she pulled my head closer.As I continued to finger and lick one of. King liked this delicate slave. He looked forward to the moment her ass succumbed. There is nothing like taking a dainty little nymph hard, sometimes abusively, all for the pleasure of watching her make it through. Master liked tapping His slaves' inner strengths and giving them ecstasy as He did so. King stepped to the abode, taking her along with the back of her hair. She slid over next to Him and took His fat member with two hands. She aimed it and Master peed hard. When he finished. One finger wasn’t enough for the little pink wet mouth so she fed it another. Two fingers sent warm sensations through her body and she moaned and shuddered. The soft folds of delicate tender flesh felt amazing as she fingered her own cunt. The more the sticky soft sounds of her juices grew the more Missy became aroused and the closer she moved to satisfied and loud orgasm. But Missy knew something else would come as an arch of clear fluid clung between her finger and thigh. She fingered her.

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