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This will be in telugu neenu room loki raghana thimeri undabatalaku na midha unna saree palluni thessasi blouse ni vipassana sumathi: antha thondarana...sudha neeku baga ishtam unatunadhi sex gurinchi thelusokovalani anne anadhime:nennu neeku nenane chapanu enkoncham neerpamani na manasu aghadan ledhu. na thodharanu chusi thana natho normal ga matlada kunda bothula matladam start chasindhisumathi:(inka bra thisivayaladhu)lanja nannu ne bra eptha etu ra. antu na hand nu patukoni thana dhagariki. They go quietly.”The room was completely quiet.“They don’t stand out in the night and curse the Moon because the light that shines on them is oh so dim.”I felt a tear form in my eye as I realized how much this song was about me.“Lonely people, they just hide away their feelings, in a night that never ends. Why can’t lonely people find other lonely people in a world so full of them?”I noticed several people seemed to get misty-eyed.“All alone in crowded bars, making wishes on falling stars…” I. Both hold hands and wallow in the ground.A twinge in the abdomen, a neigh, a final sigh.Andrea arrives at Eva's cell, she is absorbed, looking at her mirror, she adorns her soft black hair, she is naked, a white sheet covers her from the torso to the bottom."I did it" Andrea kisses her lips."Thank you, now I know that your love for me is true." Always, Eva, always."One of the guards goes down the stairs that lead to "the Pleasure Dungeons". Her uniform is neat lead.A beautiful blonde fitness. "Festou, what are you doing here, you little monster? Don't you have something to do? If not, I'm sure the bo'sun can find something to keep you occupied." Captain," Nesho said softly, "we were wondering if it would be possible for Festou to visit us sometime, once we find a place to stay of course. I'm sure he would be a tremendous help settling in in a strange town and all that." Ha, that little bilge rat doesn't know any more about Harv'el than you do," but he smiled and scratched his beard..

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