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You see sky and white clouds, but not as you did before. Somehow, the colors are sharper. The scent in the air is cleaner. You feel in touch with the ...orld. Then you realize: you are now seeing the world through *her* eyes, not yours. You are within her. She has completely absorbed you, and your spirit is now within her body. You have been engulfed. You are now her." The sunlight is shining on the flowers. The wind is blowing. And you are her."My heart jumped at the thought. I was really turned. The first magazine still held 9 rounds and I dropped it into my pocket. Now I had 14 rounds available again and 9 more for backup. Down the street, tires screeched again. A few seconds later, I heard two ‘pops’ from a handgun followed by a flurry of much louder ‘bangs’ from rifles. So there was another guy or two. There might be more. I held my position. Sirens wailed as patrol cars wheeled into my driveway. Footfalls pounded by on both sides of the house. ‘Drop your weapon!! Show me your. She was biting down on the collar of her shirt so her noises we muffled. She managed to say, “Hurry.” As she said that, I let loose inside her. It was a massive load. It drove her into frenzy too. As I was pulling out, she pushed back on me as hard as she could and said “one more minute.” I forced myself in very hard and that did the trick. She let out a large groan and little giggle as I pulled out of her. I watched as gobs of my cum fell to the floor from her vagina. She turned around to. Mom:”M i the only one giving pleasure to you… wont you give me that pleasure too sweetheart?”As soon as my mom said that my dad completely was laying down on bed… and my mom got on him facing opposite to him…And now what i could see was my dad’s huge dick which my mom was holding in her hands and massaging it up and down and my dad’s face stuck between my mom’s legs. And my mom goes..Mom:”C’mom rajive!!! i wanna see u licking that pussy to your best”As soon as she said that she was moaning very.

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