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We started toward my hotel and once again ran into another fucking Moscow traffic jam. I was tired as hell and wanted to get to my hotel so I pulled o...t some money waved it in the air so the driver could see it in the mirror and ordered, "Hotel as fast as you can."I guess he understood what I meant by my actions and words, but I was shocked when the fucking cab driver jumped the cab onto the fucking sidewalk and floored it. The cab leapt ahead like a rocket taking off, the ever present. The lace was soft. “Wait, Sophie…” She turned back to me, a sudden look of boredom crossing her beautiful features. “Shouldn’t we talk about this?” She shrugged, “It’s just sex, Tristan.” She tried to tug away but I pulled her back to me, grabbing both of her hands into one of mine. She sighed in annoyance and glanced at the door. “What?” I sat up all the way and shifted to rest my back against the arm of the couch. “Why are you acting like this?” I tugged her down to sit by me, her little. “I had this big seduction planned and I guess I ‘flubbed’ it!”Brent sat down on Emma’s side. Bruiser pulled his snout out to show it coated in white rice. He sneezed and blew grains of rice all over Emma’s stomach and crotch. That caused Emma to burst into laughter all over again.Once Emma calmed down, she stood up and brushed herself off. Bruiser snagged the bits of rice up as they hit the floor.“Ok,” Emma said, hands on her hips. “Let’s go get the men in this house fed so we can play.”Emma. .."She followed me on the bed so I scooted back again."Because I want to do some very naughty things with you before you get sent off to your pretty little lady back home."She followed me again, but this time as I scooted back, I hit the headboard. I could still see down into the dark crevice of her breasts as she climbed on top of me and sat in my lap with a knee on either side of me. Facing me, she undid a second button of my shirt and brought her mouth down to softly blow her warm breath.

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