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"I huffed some air out of my nose when I really wanted to moan. I could already picture it, but Alexander continued and provided all the details."He h...d a big, long, girthy cock. It had those veins and an angry red mushroom head. There was some precum, and he took his cock in hand and rubbed it and the precum all over my face. Slapped me with it, like the guys in porn. I never understood the appeal until then. It was unreal and hot and horrible. I wanted to cry and to cum into my pants right. Well, I wanted to get home before it was to dark so I decided to take the short cut. As the sun began to set I realized my mistake. I couldn't see anything but trees and darkness. I was thinking about turning around and going back when I got a whiff of sweet smoke. My mouth began to water since I hadn't eaten since that morning, but I would have gotten hungry even if I had just eaten. Everyone said I was a barbeque addict. Now, all thoughts of turning around were out the window, I just follow. Then he come near me and touched and press on my cock over my shorts. But I didn’t react against this because I enjoyed it. Noticing this he asked me to remove my shorts,Before I can do anything he pulled my shorts down and took my cock in his hand. He pulled the skin backwards and began to lick the top of the cock. It gave a heavenly pleasure to me. Then he began to suck my cock then he lick my balls too.Then he asked me to remove my clothes completely and to unzip his pants to take his cock. Mustache pulled my top over my head and Baldy removed my skirt which left me completely naked except for the sexy black boots that went slightly over my knee caps. Pussy juices flowed down my thighs and cum dripped down my neck. I took a deep breath and looked around. I could see a few eager eyes watching from their cars in the distance. I smiled and looked at Mustache and Baldy who where both now leaning against the back of the car staring at me. I rubbed my tits and danced my 5’3” curvy.

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