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The official ruling was that he was going for a weapon and they had defended themselves. He was only getting his pants. So, Phil had sued the city for...5 million, and collected 10 million. However, he had lost all enthusiasm for work or anything that had mattered before. Now Phil’s only passion left was his sexual compulsions. Cleaning the semen from his hand, Phil rolled over to the dresser and grabbed half the sandwich and stuffed it in his mouth while maneuvering to his computer. Rolling the. And I'm not qualified to tell you you're not completely out of your tree — pardon my clinical jargon — but it does sound like you have developed a viable means of coping with a... professional hazard. I wouldn't worry too much about it. The fact that you are concerned means that you are aware of the potential for this to become a problem and that indicates to me that you still have control of the situation. If you find yourself seeking out situations where you put yourself at risk just so you. "I say no because I'm scared!" she yelled back as he moved towards the door. "Where are you going!?" Home!" Fine Fuck you!"He walked towards the door and Nicole was coming up behind him to lock it, but as she motioned to close the door he busted back through and pushd himself on her, forcing himself back inside. Nicole couldn't help but get a litle scared. "Uhm, Shaun what the fuck...?" He shut the door behind him and rammed her into the wall passionetly kissing her she got dizzy and pushed. Having her standing just a few feet in front of him, that tan, that athletic body’s so inviting, now even more so then the times he’s already had his way with her in their budding relationship, a relationship involving intense sex and most recently a kinky type sex mixed with relatively mild yet escalating stages of sadomasochism. Controlling just the hint of a smile with those thoughts, he focuses on the slightest of a nod of her head as her dark brown eyes continue to remain fixed on the.

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