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But first you need to say sorry properly."He closed his eyes. "I'm sorry Mummy." And your birthday presents?" Oh they're wonderful, really," he exclai...ed, launching into his bestimpression of Emilia, "I really love them!"I hadn't planned on making him do anything that day - in fact I thoughtit reasonable to let him read his books or watch TV - but withopportunity presenting itself I said, "and you'll spend the morningwatching your new film and playing with your new pony?"He looked momentarily. She picked up on it right away, with one orgasm ahead of me she was thinking clearly, putting together little moments from our whole dating history. Stares that lasted a little too long. Complements that were too perceptive to a pedicure or new shoe. Her eyes sparkled and she moaned, "Yesss, baby that's it , fuck me." She took her foot and deliberately ran it down my shoulder onto my chest. My reaction was immediate. I started to shake and moan. She took her big toe and started to trace it. ‘Kal sayad tum nahi aaye the’Me – ‘Haan kal main 15 min late ho gaya tha to stand par nahi aaya tha ‘Aunty -Par bus to kal 20 min late thi’Me – mere pass koi aapka no tha jo aapse phone karta aur pooch leta. itne main conductor aa gaya aur baat ruk gayi. Bus se uterte time maine aunty se bola– Aunty kai baar late hone par meri important class choot jati hai. Agar aapka mobile no mil jata to main bus ki information aapse le sakta hoonAunty ne mujhe apna no diya aur kha 8 se 3 bajee ke beech hi. "So, what exactly can I do for you.." Marissa began as she turned around towards the stranger, but she was interrupted before she could even take a look at the man. He was instantly on her, pinning her against the door. His face was dangerously close to hers, his warm breath hit her face as she attempted to struggle away from the grip. She couldn't form sentences, just occasional grunts of confusion and frustration as fear overcame her thoughts. He held her still, making sure she couldn't move..

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