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” I said, “We saw this side trail on the map, and thought it would be fun to go to the lake and swim and wash up. But the trail was more difficult...than we thought and we lost track of time, and now we’re trying to decide what to do.” The older man spoke again and said, “Well, you’ll never make it back to the main trail before dark, especially with that weather coming in. You also should have known that is a private lake. That’s why we don’t get many hikers back this way, and why the trail is so. He said, "Folks, in tonight's feature story, there is a small embarrassment for KNBC. You're going to see our star reporter and my new co-anchor, Joyce Collier, in a featured rôle. Speaking personally and frankly, I don't know what management is going to think nor do I care. I think it's great."Then he said, "But because Joyce is so much a part of the story, even though it's hers — and she did a brilliant job with it, by the way — I'm going to handle the narration to spare her some. Physically, she was only about five feet and a few inches tall, and her figure was not all that bad either. However, her facial appearance was almost frightening, with heavy jowls, limp, matted, coal black hair, and (I'm sorry) a look of an aged bulldog. The only thing she had going for her was a very distinctive voice that seemed to beckon you to her. I'm not really sure how to better describe it other than to say it was the most unusual (and pleasant) voice I had ever heard. I spent the. “I’m going to put it in stasis, and I want you to watch what happens,” I said, reaching over to flick the switch to ‘on’.There was a hum of power, and with a soundless pop, the clock was encased in a shiny, hyper reflective box. And of course, the box started to float up, and away from the generator.“Two important things to note, here,” I told them.“Any guesses as to what they are?” I said.“It doesn’t take any electricity to keep it in stasis,” someone from the back shouted.“It’s really.

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