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Slowly she was getting high and when the lounge ppl told us to leave as it was closing time, than only I realized that Priya was not in a condition to...go to her hostel and I can also not take her to my place since my flat mates parents were in town.After evaluating all the options me and Priya decided to check-in to a nearby hotel and just stay for the night there. And so we checked-in to the hotel. After checking in, I was a bit high and saw that Priya is sitting just in front of me on the. " That came out a little harsher than I intended so I tried to soften my tone and added, "We'll only stay a little while and then we'll go to the mall. Okay?" Her brow unknotted itself partway and she gave a short nod.I knew Cynthia wasn't exactly happy with that, but quite frankly I was finding it hard to care. We had been dating for a couple of months. To be honest, I think we only continued to date due to habit. Cynthia enjoyed the habit of being seen on an athlete's arm and I enjoyed the. I was rock hard and ready to explode. I have no problem obeying, but that second thing, not coming, that was going to be a difficult. "Damn, that was good," Chieko said exhaustedly, "you have got some talent." "Wow!" Aiko exclaimed, "when is it my turn?" "I think our plaything has earned a little wine," Sakura said. She took the dirty omelet plate from the table, put it on the floor and filled it with wine from the third bottle. "Ok puppy, you are good with your mouth, let's see you lap it. The dancing and the conversation seemed to relax both ladies. Reets actually put her head on Myn's shoulder and relaxed completely into a moment as conversation lagged. When the music finally came to an end, Reets turned her face toward Myn and was not surprised at all when they kissed. What did surprise her was the feeling that crashed through her. The kiss broke through any barriers the two of them had put up. As they caught their breath, one of them uttered an "Oh My God!" which was echoed.

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