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Their marriage, consummated six months before the ceremony, had been a shotgun one, pressed on them by a furious set of parents. Old-fashioned in the ...xtreme, Sally's parents had been most persuasive. He had reluctantly agreed to 'do the right' thing. In the small English community where they had grown up, things like that mattered. On the 'honeymoon' Sally had miscarried. On her return home after a brief sojourn in hospital, she had made it quite plain that the 'marriage' was over; she had. She was trying to get more comfortable with her heels aswell so it was a pair of cute 4 inch pumps.We spent the day looking for a new place. I had a lot of cash but neitherof us was comfortable signing up for a huge rent. Around three we finallyfound a place that we both loved. It was an open loft in a new trendyarea. The room needed a lot of work but we were sold when we saw theamenities. It had a huge kitchen, bathroom with three mirrors, two sinksand a tub big enough for two and to. As soon as I saw the lady, I was mesmerized by her beauty. She was in a yellow salwar kameez and was looking stunning. She came and sat beside me and my heart was pounding in full speed. After about 5 minutes, I decided to break the silence. Me – Hi.She – Hi.Me – You live in Bangalore?She – Yes. I came to Kolkata to meet my sister. What about you?Me – I am going on an official trip.Then we talked about each other’s professions, families and all. After talking to her, I came to know that she was. He laid me gently on the silk sheets… and then he stood. I watched his hands move up and start unbuttoning his shirt.. each one allowing more flesh to show… I reached for him and he gently slapped my hand away… telling me not yet. I wanted to touch him so bad… but waited patiently. The shirt was soon off and laying across a chair beside the bed. There I was on his bed… the only place I could think about… watching him… the way his hands moved over his skin… I wanted them on me… I wanted him in.

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