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The place of striking with passion is the body, and on the body the special places are: The shoulders The head The space between the breasts ... The back The jaghana, or middle part of the body The sidesStriking is of four kinds: Striking with the back of the hand Striking with the fingers a little contracted Striking with the fist Striking with the open palm of the handOn account of its causing pain, striking gives rise to the hissing sound, which is of various kinds,. She meets his eyes for a long moment then looks down. Almost as an after thought she mimics dasha facing him. He notices however that talis keeps her knees closed and shakes his head. Reaching out as he comes behind dasha he catches her hair pulling it cruelly almost lifting her with it. “Mind telling me why you have that in your hands dasha.” He looks up when talis inhales sharply his tone is cool and collected. “Is something wrong pet?” She shakes her head afraid to speak just now. He hears. Hay I know you your Britney Spears ant you? Britney says yah I am Britney. The guy says then I don’t believe I trip up Britney Spears ‘AR you OK ‘ Britney says yah I am fine. He go’s Let me help you to your room. I don’t want to be the guy who put Britney Spears in hospital. Britney had hurt herself hitting her leg on the wall and had a bit of a limp. So the guy helped her out to her room. When they got to the room Britney opened the door. The both walk over to the bed. The guy helped. This session continued of two months when dad returned back. On (10th oct. 2007) As usual things went normally it’s was now when v saw our mom with our naked eyes, after few months that is now 26th Jan. 2008 again for some work dad went to Bangalore for few weeks, at night ishika went to sleep with mom but she gave the same reason to her, ishika came to our room & told me the same & said she things something fishy going around bcoz mom was fit & fine in the morning & she never used to sleeps.

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