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Lisa had followed her sister's example of not even trying to do the car-at-college thing. Even if you could afford the payments and insurance, you be a pit bull to get a parking space on campus.Lisa smiled: Tina apparently liked being carless so much that she still hadn't gotten one even though she graduated a year ago.The bus slowed for the next stop. That was a good thing: old lady Carnahan was driving today, and Lisa wasn't entirely sure that she didn't sometimes plow over people to. “Let’s have a cuddle and then we’ll do that one.”She’d got up in the night and changed into a nightie. I pulled it up and my hands roamed over her generous body. My mouth found her stubby nipples and my hand reached between her splayed legs to find hers already at work. “Take my hand and show me how you do it, Edith.” She put her hand over mine and guided my fingers into her lips and around her prominent clit. “Amazing,” I said.“I always thought I was a bit of a freak down there.”I pulled the. I continued to take his cock deep into my mouth and throat with wanton desire and stumbled onto a technique that has served me well since and pleased many. I noticed that I would tense up as his cock would begin to push into my throat, I would tighten up and then usually gag or cough at the suffocating intrusion. His hands were on my head as he pushed his cock into my mouth and as I felt the head of his cock moving past my tonsils, I inhaled through my nose and relaxed... I just opened my. Sometimes I feel like God, watching it.She would giggle every time I told her that. She would make all sorts of excuses to come up to my office and then stand gazing out from the window with a faraway look on her face. She is crazy about the beach. Everytime we talked about a get-away-from-it-all, she would immediately wish it were around 11 am in the morning on a deserted beach, with room service... or was that beach service?? Sigh. Music, some cold drinks, a lot of talk, gazing at each.

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