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It was pure luck that I had noticed them. After the pages used for a letter, who would expect more until the names starting with the following letter ...f the alphabet. It sounds confusing but everyone has seen it. Each letter in the alphabet had been given more than enough pages to hold all the names of people whose last names began with that letter.Sandy had entered no more than half a dozen names under any letter which meant only a couple pages had been used. So following the inscribed names. Upon the amen, she gave my hand a squeeze before releasing it to eat.She asked, “Gerald, what’s involved in becoming a Christian? I’ve figured out that I don’t have to do anything weird or very strange. However, from what Pastor Ken said last night, there are life style changes that I may need to make.” I gave a tiny nod. She looked at me earnestly and asked, “What about my past?”“That not a hard one to answer. When you become a Christian, you become a new person to God. The catch is that. She told me how she always mistreated him and that led to their eventual breakup as her boyfriend didn’t understand her sexuality. I behaved completely formal and assured her that everything will be fine and that she will eventually find someone suitable enough for her and who would understand her feelings.But on my way back, I was quite intrigued as for the first time in my life. I had met a girl who was so open and confident about her sexuality. I had never given any thought about being. With sad resignationshe watched as second by second her vagina felt tighter and tighter. Herlabia were pressing together and she could see them sealing shut. It wasodd watching it without much feeling. It wasn't until the tightness inher vagina reach an almost painful high that she realized something hadsqueezed it's way through. At this point she no longer had lips adorningher crotch. In their place was a scrotal sack with what appeared to betwo new testicles inside it.She reached cautiously.

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