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“Fuck, John, you’re driving me crazy.”I bit her neck gently, causing her to moan louder, and grind against me harder. My free hand took off her ...hirt, and I found that she wasn’t wearing a bra. She must’ve planned this all along! I kissed her boob lightly and then started to run circles around her nipple with my tongue, never touching it. This was driving her crazy. “Oh just suck it already, please”, she cried.Eventually, I gave in and started to suck on her nipple. She let out a relieved sigh.. At 5'8"I wasn't tall of course for a guy, but not a midget either as it workedfor us as Theresa was only 5'3," Even in weekend stilettos, it didn'tseem like she could look me straight in the eye but that really didn'tmatter much today as I was soon to be the one in heels.I had a thin but solid frame and a decent muscle tone with a slight v-shape, being pretty athletic. I was not a gym rat weight lifter type atall, but it still looked pretty weird seeing my toned bicep next to ablack bra strap. I took a step and almost fell on my face."How am I supposed to walk in these things? It's impossible." Baby steps, you need to take baby steps. Put one foot in front of the other."I tried again, this time I wobbled a bit."Keep trying," she said. "you are going to wear them until you get good at it, so you better get use to them."I started walking around the house very slowly. It took about 5 minutes to start feeling comfortable. I slowly picked up the pace until I could walk at a normal pace. I keep it there for a few seconds, just flicking it to see how she reacts. She’s loving every minute as lets out small gasps of air and quiet moans. However, she wants my tongue in her cunt and bucks her ass further into the air so my tongue is now in the wettest twat I have ever seen. I lightly bite on her outer lips, then her inner lips. She loves this and again lets out small moans. I can not resist any longer as I bury my tongue in her pussy. She smells and tastes absolutely amazing. I go.

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