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The one I liked the best was a huge four building complex with four floors in each building. Each apartment was either a one or two bedroom built with...seniors in mind with wide doors and walk in showers. We had three pools, two of which were outside in the quad formed by the four buildings. We had a tennis court and three hole putting course in there as well as a composite tract surrounding the inner space for people to walk or run. Then too, each building had a sauna, hot tub, and exercise. " Shecomplies. He takesthe glass from her and puts it on the nightstand. "I want you on all fourson the bed facing the head board." Shecomplies. He climbsonto the bed and looks into her eyes. "So,here is the deal. I am going out to play poker for a while. There is two hoursworth of videotape. So, I will know what goes on in here. I want you to holdthis position until I return. The only exception is if there is a fire. Any questions?" She nods.He removes the bit from her mouth. "Yes, Princess?". File the idea for the test run but go to Delta. He relayed over the locations of the beacons and asked the Captains how long they thought it would take to get to their orbital positions to drop the bombs.Both Captains said at least six weeks give or take a couple of days. When Nash asked why so long, they replied that even with the new engines they still only had three and it would take at least five possibly six jumps to get there.Nash wondered what Lee had done to this ship to get it back to. "Oh I see. Why did you not say this in the first place? Let me see. Normally I require two hours to decide on what to wear but today just because you have got the tickets, I will try to do it in two minutes," she giggled.For two minutes there was complete silence. "Okay, I will be wearing a dark green sari with matching blouse etcetera, etcetera, etcetera got it," she said."Yes, now please describe yourself to me," I requested."MG, be patient. On Saturday you can see my beautiful self for.

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