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We go to a coffee shop, and then a bakery. While nibbling on assorted sweets, the twins show me some of their favorite shops. I know some of them — ...thers not at all. We stop at an eclectic bookstore which has me drooling, as I love to read. The twins laugh uproariously as they physically have to drag me away. We watch kids playing in the local park. I balk at their attempts to get me to go ice skating. Through it all, one or the other is always holding my hand or touching my arm. I feel. He couldn't wait to get home. Vanesa was worried about his silence. "Is that ok with you honey...are you worried about your aunt seeing you naked, 'cause she's seen your pecker plenty of times when you were young, it shouldn't be a big deal." Jack finally spoke. "Oh no mom it's no problem at all. I must admit I am a little bit nervous though, but It shouldn't be a big deal." She smiled at her son and thanked him. As she pulled in the driveway she noticed Lisa's car was already there. She. As I got to my feet my leg and arm muscles complained.“Ouch,” I said, “that hurts.”“Wait until tomorrow morning.” Sir John said, “You’ll really know about it then. Don’t worry girls, your muscles will soon get used to being used differently.”“Do your muscles hurt Skye?” I asked.“Not yet, but I’ve kept moving about.”The rubber dingy ferried us, then the equipment, back to the yacht. Sir John spent a few hours on the phone and Skye and I sunbathed then showered ready for dinner.It was awesome. Violet. But a few momentslater that's exactly the situation he was in."So," Violet said with a smile. "Are you going to offer ME a glass ofwine?" I... I'm sorry. Would you like some? Yes? I'll be right back."He went to the kitchen, relieved to have a least a few moments tohimself. He felt so out of control of what was happening. How could hiswife do this to him? And what had they been referring to earlier, aboutengaging with others and having physical encounters? He didn't like.

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