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Poor boy. After this he still had a whole torture session waiting for him with ladies of another clan who had reserved him! And with the clan in quest...on, that meant the most intense kind of pain. Relentless torture. He was not ready for that at all. Yet he had no choice.The thought made Lenarta smile.But first there was the matter of the ladies being all horny again.They called the guards and made them tie the boy back up. Then they used him some more, utilizing his sore, whip-kissed cock with. I couldn't wait for him to wake up because I was about to teach him a lesson he would never forget. When I went back in to the room he was just waking up.He said "why did you do that." "I know you cast a spell on that necklace. Admit it now!" I said. He broke down and said "I am sorry I just wanted it to be me and you, I wanted you to want me like I want you, so a few years ago I got a friend to place a love spell on the ring I was going to give to you on your birthday, but then you said you. It was smooth with great thick pussy lips. He ran a finger between the lips and over the clit. He got to her hole and spread it to see her cunt. It was pink and inviting. He stuck two fingers in her. He watched his fingers fuck her. As his fingers fucked her cunt, he played with her clit rubbing it between two fingers and watching her squirm. Then he grabbed the clit with his teeth and sucked it as his fingers fingered the tight cunt. He felt her cum and licked her pussy around the fingers. There was a pause as we turned to enter the office block, realising how fate had worked that morning to bring us together. The foyer of the office block was busy with people waiting for the various lifts to take them up to their offices, so we joined the queue. After a lengthy wait, we entered one of the lifts and moved to the back wall. As soon as the doors closed, with everybody looking forward, Alex turned to kiss me. Her fingers fumbled between our bodies to undo my jacket and push up my.

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