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“Don’t cum. Relax, enjoy it.”Mathew’s lip turned up at the corner as he stared back at Janice. Wickedness sparked between them and then he She was waiting for something. She was driving him to the edge of the precipice and yet she was waiting for something.Mathew’s hand flung backwards and connected with Janice’s crotch. He searched for her sex and pushed his fist between her legs, spreading them in the process. That’s when he saw the stern, controlling look on her face melt, at the. ..get up early?? She says, as she breaks free of him and dashes under his grasp. He turns and she bolts for the bed.The Rules:No eye gouging.No biting.No kicking or striking his balls.He cannot punch her in the face or stomach.Except for the above, what one does, the other can do in return.Each gets to choose their own definition of a win, for her it is getting under the bedcovers and for him it is over when he is done with her.She giggles as she rounds the far side of the bed, attempting to. I could tell she was going to cum and I was getting close. I pulled away from her breasts and her hips were going crazy, like no woman I’d ever felt do before. She started to scream as she started to cum“Oh baby, I’m cumming, cum for me baby, please cum inside me!” She practically screamed.Hearing her say that sent me over the edge and I came so hard inside her feeling her still having an orgasm at the same time. I looked directly into her eyes as she came just like she told me to, seeing her. When they got to her room, she grabbed him and kissed him tonguing his mouth with passion. He pulled her top off as she ripped his shirt from him. He saw the hoops thru her nipples and loved them. Next they removed their pants. "show me what else you have pierced." he told her. She grabbed his hand and placed it on her pussy. He pulled on the loops thru her pussy lips.She moved him to the bed and rubbed his cock. It was getting bigger by the minute and it was a huge one. She cupped his balls.

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