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He was working with a couple of doctors, but so far they had not found the problem and in the meantime Ruby, who was used to sex almost daily was walls."Like I said lad, she has the same fears you do about affairs and going out to pick up somebody and so this is a match made in Heaven. You take care of Ruby when she needs it and she takes care of you when you have the need."I looked from him to Ruby and back to him and he recognized what was on my face, "I won't be here laddy. I've got. Matt had jumped at the chance to help with the drinks, and had deftly slipped a crushed valium into Marc's drink. But, he had barely consumed a third of his drink before the swap took place. Lisa tried to get Marc to drink, but once she had moved next to him, and Kristen next to Matt, the fun began.Matt found Kristen and her love making efforts hard to resist. And now, as he watched Lisa's body, her obviously pleasured face, the way she was gyrating her hips on her black lover, he decided to. " I will arrange it. The women and children can eat in the Minor Hall tonight," he told me."Include the Cook and the Baker with the other leaders," I reminded him."Yes, Thank you, Master Ken."I transferred us out of the cell. Eamon went to consult his notes and alert the necessary people, and I went up to our apartment on the third floor to think about how to accomplish the first part of the task the Ancient Wizard had set me. It was some time later when Sunshine rushed into our apartment in a. Me : haan diye the to.Renu: to nalayak call kyun ni kiya. ( vo thoda gusse m boli).Me : blnc kthm ho gya tha ( jhunt bola par chalta h)Renu: m dalva deti hun..Me : na oye na ye galti na karna e zaalim, Apna bi imaan hai.Renu: to kya.Me : to kya to na dalvao m kal dalva lunga.Renu: ok to fir kb aa rhe ho.Me : badi jaldi h.Renu: hmmm.Me: lene ki ya milne ki.Renu: cheee gande… Bataona kab aaoge.Me: periods kthm ho gye tumhare.?Renu: kyun puch rhe ho.Me: batao na.Renu: hmmm 8-10 din phle hi kthm ho.

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