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Amy: Can you do my legs, back, and shoulders? I find it had to reach back there. Besides, I love it when you put the cream all over me.Wow, that sound...d so dirty! Amy quickly lied on her stomach on the chair. I started applying the lotion on her legs.Amy: Mmm, that feels so good. Take your time dad! I’m not going anywhere.Me: Okay. There you go honey, all done.Amy: Thanks! Now I’ll do you. Don’t want your skin to turn red now do we?Me: Honey, you don’t have to.Amy: No please, I insist.Me:. Then, without giving it a second thought, I said somewhat off handedly, ‘I agree that my action is quite out of character, it feels very out of character, even now. Nevertheless, I saw no other way to resolve my dilemma.’ She was quick to retort. ‘Dilemma? And what dilemma was that?’ The hint of disbelief and challenge was still there in her tone… the conversation, however, was continuing and she was making a contribution, however unwittingly. ‘My day has already seen some tremendously. My boobs were large for my frame and even though people always told me how pretty I was I longed to be like Launa. About 2 years after I started babysitting Launa and I were up in the bedroom having one of our girlie chats. I was telling her about my break up from my boyfriend at the time. The idiot had cheated so I'd broke it off. I'm so glad it happened when it did as I was planning to lose my virginity to him that weekend and was really angry. I said to Launa, "Sometimes I wish I were a. ’ ‘Yeah. Just like he wasn’t going to be able to slip past all those guys outside his house the other night.’ I snorted. We shifted the conservation to some of the particulars about the case and spent the next thirty or forty minutes talking shop. Before he left he told me that his wife, Susan, was going to meet with Emily in a couple of days and try to find out why she had me served. ‘Thanks, Gary I appreciate that. Say hi to Susan for me.’ ‘Will do, buddy.’ He said, patting me on my good.

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