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.. ," then she moved, and put one arm around each of us and pulled us together. "Now you two boys be good, I want my two men to get along."'Sure' I th...ught sourly to myself, and saw the same thought flash angrily across Gramps face as Amy laid her head against my shoulder. "Ughhh, you stink Johnnie, I can smell half the forest on you," she complained. "C'mon, let's wash up," she ordered, as she quickly stripped the soiled clothes from her body.As Gramps and I both looked on, drinking in her. She had a little belly but was really sexy. I then positioned her on her back and started sucking her tits. “Oh yes David I love that. It feels so good.” After sucking on her tits for a while I started to plant kisses down her belly making my way to her pussy which was framed with a nice patch of blonde/gray hair. As I started flicking my tongue on her clit she gasped, “Oh David, I have never had anyone do this to me before! It feels so good. MMMMMM.”After licking her pussy to get her. I found out very quickly, it was shaved, my favorite. She put her arms around my neck and started kissing me. At that moment I found gold, that shaved pussy, she was dripping wet. Three fingers slid in and she gasped and instantly started getting off. I put my other hand over her mouth, so Judy and Jay would not hear us. I kept looking into the living room and those two were still deep into conversation, they did not react to any sounds coming out of the kitchen. Donna got off two or three. I shookeveryone off and stood there panting and sobbing.Mike was doubled up on his knees, clutching his stomach, dead grass inhis hair. I wiped my face and saw a smear of red the back of my hand.Little Josh was trying to say something, his face pale. Then I realizedhow badly I had to pee and felt pretty scared I was going to go in mypants again just like I had at Darla's house. I held it tightly andpointed at Mike and Little Josh."You little assholes think you're such hot shit!" I said in a.

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