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"So the Senate put together a team of Voices to enforce the unofficial rules. They banded together through whatever was the best communication the time, and tracked any Voice breaking cover."Charles banged the pipe he held against his palm."Back then it was easier to cover up the damage. It was also much more likely any rogue Voice would be executed rather than persuaded. This century, there have been a few high profile Voices. We've done the best we could to control them." Like. So she sits back, a little away from me and I have to take my hands away, unfortunately. We were sitting on wooden chairs with rungs under the seat – you know the kind right? She put her feet up on the top rung, giving me some sort of a view of her upper thigh, not quite right up to her panties but I got this as an invitation to explore as it were.And explore I did. Looking into her eyes, I slowly put my hands on the outside of her legs and moved up. Not really slowly, just up there right up. The tip already glistened with pre-cum. "Nice size", she said. "About eight inches?" I knodded. "Better that that teen fucking rat I lived with"."Nice balls too" she said weighing them in her hand and squeezing.Then she fell to it, sliding her hand and mouth up and down my pole. She was good as well as starving. "Now fuck me"Standing up I pushed my trousers and pants down my cock was gasping for a fuck. I pushed her skirt up, slipped my hands round her arse. A thong. Easy. I pulled them aside. ‘You fucker!’ I snapped. ‘Come on Jen, you love to show off those big tits of yours,’ he laughed. ‘We won’t tell anybody else, just show us that bod,’ Jim said as he fiddled with his pipe. I was numb, I couldn’t speak. ‘Jen, strip for them,’ Danny whispered as he loosened his hold. ‘Come on Jen, you know I love watching you,’ Danny urged kissing me. With my judgement impaired and my inhibitions waning I gazed into his beautiful dark eyes and felt a shiver rush clear up to my scalp as I nodded.

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