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. now of course i now know these as gloryhole but at the time i had no idea ( i love gloryhole videos now and aim to try one soon let me know if you k...ow of any). i started to feel a little naughty and my breathing got heavier i ran my hands over my soft skin down my legs and back up over my flat tummy and up to my bare tits paying attention to my bullet like nipples. why did i find a woman pleasuring a thick juicy cock arousing i didn't know what porn was really. i ran my one hand back down to. I didn't intend to say that, the words exploded out of my face of their own accord. An awkward silence hung in the air."So you like my butt, do you?" she cooed. "Would you like to touch it?"I was scared to death. A girl I had masturbated to countless times was offering her body to me and I didn't know what to do! I froze.She continued her teasing game. "Don't be shy. Go ahead. you may never get another chance to touch as fine an ass as this." She took me by the wrist and placed my hand on her. . and then I noticed - see here? That's my nail polish. I was doing my toe nails when I did this one." Oh jeez." Enough of this chit chat! Heather what the hell do you think you're doing?" Janice," Heather responded, in a pained voice, "I ... listen ... I didn't join the pregnancy club to get pregnant. Okay? I don't want to get pregnant. There. I said it." What? What, exactly, did you think we were going to do in the 'pregnancy club?' Scrapbooking? The whole point of the damn club is to get. I had each of them kiss my breasts, my cunt and my ass before having them lead me to the bathing spa. Once again they walked ahead of me but facing me so that I could admire my slave's equipment. The equipment had regained some vigor due, I was sure, to the sight of me in my robe. I had never felt so sensual, powerful and erotic.The bathing room was also elegantly furnished with femdom-inspired art. There were mirrors everywhere that reflected and re-reflected the light of dozens of candles..

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