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”Brian said nothing but I heard his pace increase and the slapping getting louder. “Oh yes, yes!” Erin cried out again. “Tell me what you want...�� Brian demanded.“Fuck my pussy, fuck me hard” Erin replied. “What else do you want?” Brian demanded. “Tell me! Are you a little slut who wants to be filled with cum?”“Oh! Yes please baby. I want your cum in my pussy. Cum in this little slut’s pussy!” Erin pleaded.Within seconds I heard Brian groan, then announce “Oh fuck yes! I’m cumming baby! I’m. Now would we?" No Ma'am," Lexi replied, relaxing and digging into her food."Good," Georgia said. "Mr. Jones enjoyed you last night and would like to see you again for a real date. Would you like that for next Friday?" You mean like dinner and a movie, date?" Lexi asked."More like dinner and a play or the ballet, date." Sure, I'd love that." I'll let him know. Just make sure you can get out for the night."Oh, I will. My parents are used to me staying at a friends house on Friday." Good. That's. She stuck her tongue out and tried to tickle my balls with the tip, all while looking right up at me – it was so fucking hot and I groaned with white hot pleasure. She sucked and swirled her tongue, giving me a scorcher of a blow job. She stuck the tip of her tongue right in my piss slit and jerked me off while she pinched my balls and stuck her fingers up my ass. I sometimes took it out of her mouth and slapped her in the face with my cock. I lay it right between her eyes and rubbed it right. .your eyes wanting and your lips smiling at me……your hand as moved over to the bulge in my trousers………my cock through my chinos in the palm of your hand…..squeezing and massaging my hard cock……….I cannot resist leaning over and kissing you full on the lips….your lips parting and our tongues dancing in each other's mouth…….Your pussy is very wet now……and I have your knickers pulled to one side…my middle finger inserted and arched….massaging your g-spot……..your eyes looked dreamy as you are lost.

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