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“ “So the cup size is expanding. Are they heavier?” I asked. “Yes” “Getting longer? Sort of pendulous? “Gina looked down and nodded yes....I said “That is exciting. I’m into that.” Gina looked up surprised. “Don’t get me wrong. I’m not just a boob man. I enjoy big round asses, nice legs, eyes, mouths and sexy shoes too.” Gina replied amused “So just about everything about a woman?” “Well I’m a dominant kind of guy. I like pretty sexy married women like you and I like to dominate them. Order them. I had actually been with my first crush. It was my brother Hiro. I was freaking out on the inside, but my body was frozen. I didn’t know what I was going to do.Then my lover went to my side and traced the fading hickies on my breasts and rubbed my body. I felt so many wonderful emotions run through my mind and heart.I heard the artificial voice say, “You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known. Thank you for this day.”I chuckled, “You do know my sister and I have Identical faces don’t. I got behind Ed, spread his cheeks licked up and down his crack making his tiny blond curls wet & the gave him a long tongue fucking. At the same time I felt Ernie's tongue licking the inside of each of my ass-cheeks, fuck, then up and down my crack massaging it with his tongue and with one hand very lightly rubbing fingers around my sensitive hard cock head. I felt his tongue licking my ass-crack several times almost in sink with me licking Ed's. Then he inserted the stiff tip of his tongue. Sometimes we also swap our sex partners. After returning to India even sex with my husband is occasional. Life is so different from here to there. I want men to fuck me casually but its not possible here.” I got fully heated up listening to this and almost lost patience.We booked a double room for a night. The moment we entered our room both of us lost patience and we started kissing licking and sucking each other without caring what we are kissing in each other’s body. Her lower lips is thick.

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